Kwara @ 50: Testimony Of A Concerned Citizen

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“Lagos is 50, Rivers is 50, Kwara State is also 50. Since the time of Asiwaju Tinubu, through Babatunde Fashola, to Ambode, Lagos has witnessed continuous infrastructural development. Even the deaf knows that Lagos is 50. But in Kwara, the only sign of the 50th celebration is an Award ceremony. When I was informed that Baba will be given a posthumous award, I asked them what have you been thinking before now?

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Didn’t you know that Kwara will be 50 in May? And they fixed the event for the first day of Ramadan, they didn’t know we have more important things to do at this period than receiving Award. Anyway, I asked Imam Olosun to take the Award on our behalf.

I have seen projects that show Lagos State  is 50 like the Akin Adesola Street that was hitherto waterlogged but now paved with Interlock bricks. But the roads in Kwara do not show the State is 50, the welfare of the people doesn’t show the state is 50, the development there doesn’t show the State is 50.”

Sheikh Habeebulah Adam El Ilory at the maiden Ramadan Tafsir held at Agege, Lagos State on Saturday,27th May, 2017..

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