Kiddwaya Opens Up About Near-Death Experience Due to Misdiagnosis

Kiddwaya Opens Up About Near-Death Experience Due to Misdiagnosis

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In an exclusive interview with renowned media personality, Hero Daniels, former Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) All Stars participant Kiddwaya shared a harrowing tale of a close call with death stemming from a misdiagnosis and improper medication.

The reality TV star recounted his ordeal during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, revealing the severe health challenges he faced after his participation in the “Lockdown” season of BBNaija.

Kiddwaya’s ordeal began when he experienced panic attacks shortly after the BBNaija “Lockdown” season concluded.

The young celebrity described the terrifying moment he felt his health taking a dire turn.

“One day, I was on my bed speaking to my cousin, then I stood up to go to the toilet, and my legs started shaking,” he recalled.

With his legs trembling uncontrollably, his tongue drying up, and his vision blurred, Kiddwaya initially suspected he might have contracted COVID-19, considering the prominence of the virus at the time.

Fearing for his health, Kiddwaya promptly reached out to his doctor, who assessed his condition.

The doctor recorded his blood pressure (BP) at a staggering 180, which raised alarm bells.

However, the doctors struggled to determine the root cause of his health crisis.

Despite the uncertainty, they prescribed high blood pressure medication to address the alarming BP readings.

Kiddwaya’s revelation took a grave turn as he unveiled the shocking truth behind his medical treatment.

“They [doctors] put me on BP drugs for months which was not what was supposed to be done,” he disclosed.

The reality star went on to explain that the medication he was prescribed was meant for individuals with high blood pressure, which he didn’t have.

He was experiencing anxiety attacks, a condition that temporarily spikes blood pressure and then returns to normal levels.

The prolonged use of the incorrect medication had serious implications for Kiddwaya’s health.

He emphasized,

“I actually could have died because what I had was an anxiety attack, it raised your BP high and then brought it back down to normal levels.”

The misdiagnosis not only jeopardized his well-being but also resulted in complications due to the unsuitable medication regimen.



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