Khashoggi’s Murder Case Dismissed Over MBS Immunity.

Khashoggi’s Murder Case Dismissed Over MBS Immunity.

Oyero Abiodun Yakub


A US Court has dismissed a lawsuit against Saudi Crown Prince and newly appointed Prime Minister, Muhammed bin Salman, popularly addressed as MBS, that claimed he conspired and kill the journalist and dissident Jamal Khashoggi

The judgment follows President Joe Biden’s recommendation that Prince Muhammed is given immunity, which brought an end to the case. This also means he can travel to the US and other jurisdictions freely.

Khashoggi’s brutal murder in 2018 at Saudi Consulate situated in Instanbul, Turkey created an uproar across the world. Investigation revealed that he had been a victim of a “deliberate and premeditated execution”, for which the state of Saudi Arabia is guilty.

Recordings of conversations at the Consulate showed that Khashoggi was murdered and dismembered with a bone saw inside the building.

Though Muhammed bin Salman has said he takes responsibility for the murder, he has denied any personal involvement in ordering the kill.

Prince Muhammed got immunity after he was named the Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia by his father, King Salman, who is still the Head of State of the Arab nation.

The sudden elevation of MBS to the position of Prime Minister has raised a lot of suspicions since he was named in September.

Critics of the prince have expressed grave concerns about the immunity granted to him, with others claiming it will further empower him to go after journalists that question him.


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