Just In: Over 467 Catalonians Injured As Police Disrupts Referendum 

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Just In: Over 467 Catalonians Injured As Police Disrupts Referendum


Reports from the city of Barcelona confirms the riot between Police officers and Catalonians who were all out to cast their votes for a referendum to secede Catalan from Spain.

BlackBox Nigeria gathered that the voters were dispersed by riot Police who were drafted to Barcelona. Rubber bullets were fired which resulted to injury of over 467 residents who were out to vote. It was learnt the the rubber bullets were not in use by the Police in Catalan as a special law has declared it not to be used by the Police but because the officers were deployed from other cities, their equipment were used on the voters.

According to a report by Sky News, a Spanish Court has declared the referendum illegal and in addition, illegal polling units have been stationed by unknown individuals who were championing for the referendum.

The referendum has since crippled other activities in the city of Barcelona including football as the Camp Nou, home turf of Barcelona Football Club had no spectators as the side played against Las Pamas.

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