Junior Fidel: My plan to reduce unemployment in Nigeria


The issue of unemployment in Nigeria has become very alarming and this has affected the people’s standard of living as they now have to live from “hand to mouth”. Many has also been made to indulge in criminal acts leading to their doom.

Iruedo Junior Fidelis popularly known as Fidel is a Nigerian American citizen who is determined to change the narrative by contributing his quota into developing his country.

The serial entrepreneur is a patriot who has not forgotten his root and has decided to improve the situation of things by investing in his country thereby creating job opportunities.

“My aim is to reduce Nigerians unemployment rate to a level it has never been before in history
I want to put people in jobs whether in my own company or other companies I may be affiliated with,” he said.

Fidel who grew up with a single mother discovered his enterprising skill early in life and worked towards achieving his dreams through persistence and strong determination.

“I remember receiving some gifts from my Dad who lives in the USA, My parents are separated, so he sent me a Timberland boat, A Nice jacket which was very much in fashion at that time And few other things but I sold them.

“So after selling the gifts my Dad got for me, this made me realised that I knew how to sell products! And that I could sell anything So as time went on if any of my friends or a friend of a friends wanted to sell or buy something they would say contact Junior Fidel this and more was how I knew that I was going to be an entrepreneur as I want to be my own Boss working for myself or be in partnership with groups of companies,“ he disclosed.

One of Fidel’s project to be established in Nigeria is “NFT Hero’s”. A digitalized currency company that improves cryptocurrency business dealings. To him, the world is evolving everyday and to catch-up, we need to learn to understand these advancements.

“I also have a car rental. I didn’t know how much I loved cars until I moved to Dubai. I recently decided to invest in car rental business with Al Ramool Car RENTAL LLC here in DUBAI. We have any Luxury car you can think of just name it,” he said.


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