Irede youths denounce Sherrif as Onigbanko of Igbanko land, announce support for Prince Teslim

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In the latest episode to the Oriade-LCDA-throne-drama, the youths have called out Sherrif Bello for using his wealth to forcefully secure the throne of the Onigbanko of Igbanko land.

The youths who had earlier leveled some allegations against Sherrif, said he used his ill gotten wealth to connive with Chief Mutiu Kasali (The Odofin of Igbanko Land) and the Odofin of Igbanko Land in leading the kangaroo coronation without informing Chief Mutiu Ajose (THE ODEMO OF IGBANKO LAND) who also happens to be the kingmaker from Abigun Royal Family where Sherrif also emerged from.


The young-bloods added that they only recognize Prince Teslim Olajide Aremu Andrew as the only legitimate heir to the throne of Onigbanko of Igbanko land.

“We want to let the general public know that another reason why Sherrif Bello cannot be king is that during the first time when it was the turn of the Abigun Royal family to present a heir to the throne, the Abigun Royal family presented sherrif Bello’s grandfather and he was known as Oba Bello and he ruled from 1944-1954.

“Now by order of rotation, it is the turn of the Orimogunje Branch to present the next Oba and the branch has done the needful by presenting PRINCE TESLIM OLAJIDE AREMU ANDREW.

“We also want to bring to the attention of the general public that the so called Sherrif Bello has been going back and forth to the Secretariat in ALAUSA, hell bent on buying his way to the throne but we won’t allow that as we will only support someone whom we know has the best interests of the youths and the entire community at heart.

“We implore the Honorable Commissioner of the Ministry of Local government and Chieftancy affairs to listen to our agitations and do what’s right. We still want to believe that your honesty cannot be bought and the entire ministry and the Lagos state GOVERNMENT would not compromise and dance to the tunes of a fraud.” the youths cride.



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