India’s villagers astonished by two-headed, four-eyed baby cow

India’s villagers astonished by two-headed, four-eyed baby cow

An extraordinary event has captivated villagers in India as they witness the birth of a baby cow with two faces.

Occurring in Jalalpur village, Uttar Pradesh, towards the end of the previous month, this remarkable occurrence has been hailed as a divine miracle, as reported by the Daily Mail on Tuesday.

The calf, with its two faces, four eyes, two noses, one tongue, and one body, possesses a joined mouth and two ears. The owner and families of the animal view it as a sacred and miraculous entity, in accordance with the beliefs of Hindu and Jain religions. Cows hold significant religious importance in the nation, and their slaughter is strictly prohibited, allowing these animals to roam freely on the streets.

Despite its deformity, the two-faced calf, known as a polycephaly animal, is leading a healthy and joyful life, defying expectations that it would perish within a few days or months, as is commonly observed in other animals with similar conditions.

Veterinarians explain that this particular case of polycephaly is caused by abnormal cell development during embryo formation, resulting in distinct brains that share control over the organs and limbs.


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