Ikorodu Residents Lament Dilapidated 48-Year-old Road, Call For Rehabilitation

Ikorodu Residents Lament Dilapidated 48-Year-old Road, Call For Rehabilitation

Fawaz Adebisi 

Residents of Ikorodu local government, Lagos State, have lamented the dilapidated state of the 32-kilometer Ikorodu-Itokin Expressway, which serves as a vital interstate highway for transporting goods and connecting several towns along its axis.

Constructed in 1975 by Julius Berger during General Yakubu Gowon’s military regime, the road has fallen into a state of disrepair, causing great dangers for the marketers and residents.

In a statement released by Comrade Folarin Adegboyega Awal, who is representing the Imota Development Crusader, he called on the federal and state government to look into the road immediately.

According to him, the situation of the road has worsened over time, resulting in accidents as it is also hindering various commercial activities that rely on smooth transportation.

He stressed that the economic significance of the Ikorodu-Itokin road cannot be overstated, as it is home to essential institutions like Mile 12 market, Caleb University, Ikorodu North LCDA Council Secretariat, Lagos State Polytechnic 3rd gate, divisional police stations, Ikeja Electricity Distribution Transmission Centre, Imota Rice Processing Mill (the 3rd largest rice mill in the world), and many others.

He further said that it also fosters the growth of various commercial ventures, such as urban markets, hotels, filling stations, bakeries, pure water companies, relaxation centers, block industries, and Small and Medium Scale (SMEs) businesses.

In the same vein, he lamented that the current deplorable state of the road has paralyzed economic activities in the region, making potential investors hesitant to invest in the area.

He therefore  proposed that to prevent further deterioration and ensure sustainable development, both the State and Federal Government to initiate the prompt reconstruction of the Ikorodu-Itokin Expressway.

“We urgently appeal to both the State and Federal Government to address the plight of the people by initiating the reconstruction of the Ikorodu-Itokin Expressway. Such intervention would alleviate the suffering of commuters and restore economic activities in the region.

“We earnestly request the government representatives in Ikorodu Division to use their influence to expedite the reconstruction process, ensuring lasting peace for commuters in the area,” he said.


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  • Noble , July 31, 2023 @ 6:01 pm

    Accidents are happening now on this same way same as vehicles breaking down due to the effect of the bad roads on the which leads to heavy traffics on the road as well… The Federal Government should help us fix this on time before further negative information keeps coming up

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