Ikorodu Chess Club Launches ‘Chess to Street’ Project to Empower Street Children

Ikorodu Chess Club Launches ‘Chess to Street’ Project to Empower Street Children

Habeeb Ibrahim

On May 7th, 2024, the Ikorodu Chess Club embarked on an inspiring initiative dubbed “Chess to Street,” aimed at introducing the game of chess to underprivileged children residing on the streets of Ikorodu.

The program commenced at 5 pm with an opening prayer led by two street kids, Ransom and Qudus, setting a poignant tone for the evening’s activities.

Members of the Ikorodu Chess Club warmly introduced themselves to the children, elucidating the purpose and objectives of the initiative. Coach Alexander, a dedicated team member, reiterate the benefits of chess, emphasizing its capacity to enhance critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical prowess among participants.

The event surged with enthusiasm upon the arrival of two esteemed ambassadors from the Gift of Chess, Mr. Emmanuel Adeleke (Founder of Chess to School) and Mr. Steven Kanu. They shared personal experiences wth the young participants.

In a bid to ensure a comprehensive grasp of the game, the Ikorodu Chess Club team conducted an interactive session, demonstrating the fundamental rules and strategies of chess to the eager children. The former youth ambassador of Ikorodu, Mr. Jackson Ayika, graced the occasion and was introduced to the children, acknowledging his invaluable support for the project.

Faruq Mojeed-Sanni, the founder of the Ikorodu Chess Club, expressed his profound commitment to empowering underprivileged youth through initiatives like “Chess to Street.” He stated, “Our goal is not just to teach chess but to instill essential life skills and values in these children, providing them with opportunities for personal growth and development.”

The success of the event was made possible through the generous support of various brands and individuals, including Ginger Up, Solphilms, Chesswitivie, The Gift of Chess with media coverage from BlackBox Nigeria, underscoring the collective effort and community spirit driving the “Chess to Street” project.


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