I Left When I Heard Their Plan To Execute Mohbad — Naira Marley Ex Signee

I Left When I Heard Their Plan To Execute Mohbad — Naira Marley Ex Signee

Fawaz Adebisi 

Tori Keeche, a former signee of Marlians, has revealed that she left the label after overhearing discussions of a sinister plan to harm fellow artist Mohbad during his concert in Ikorodu.

In an Instagram story, Tori Keeche disclosed that she had no direct involvement in any sinister plans but claimed to have knowledge of the alleged plot.

She further revealed that her decision to distance herself from the label came after she stumbled upon conversations involving Naira Marley and members of the team discussing a plan to harm Mohbad during his concert on a Sunday night in Ikorodu.

She did not provide specific details regarding the alleged plot but insisted that she had no active role in it.

Tori Keeche alleges that she and her family faced threats and mistreatment from members of the Marlians after speaking out and distancing herself from the alleged plot.

“Please guys, I’m innocent. I don’t have anything to do with Imole’s death, I only new about the plan and I tried to help him but they kept on threatening me saying that they’ll kill my family if I don’t keep quiet.

“I tried everything in my power to leave that record label but they wouldn’t let me go free because they always kept on saying that my presence is needed,” she said.


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