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How World Bank debarred Nigerian individuals, firms for corruption

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Moboluwade Tobiloba

No fewer than 18 Nigerian individuals and firms have been blacklisted by the World Bank for engaging in corrupt practices and fraud.

The list was contained in a new annual report titled World Bank Group Sanctions System FY21.

The companies and individuals alike were debarred by the World Bank Sanctions Board, World Bank Chief Suspension and Debarment Officer and the African Development Bank.

Some of the debarred individuals according to the World Bank’s sanctions decision are Mr. Elie Abou Ghazaleh and Mr. Fadi Abou Ghazaleh, alongside their firm, Abou Ghazaleh Contracting Nigeria Limited, who bagged a debarrment for six months for collusive practices.

Another Nigerian firm, Swansea Tools Resources, was debarred for fraudulent practices for two years and 10 months.

Other firms and individuals include Ms. Okafor Glory, who was debarred for fraudulent practices for four years, while the firm involved, Unique Concept Enterprises, was debarred for five years for same reason, Nigerian firm, Asbeco Nigeria Limited, was debarred for five years for corrupt practices.

A.G. Vision Construction Nigeria Limited, was also debarred for fraudulent practices and collusive practices for four years and six months.

A consultant for the National Social Safety Nets Project, Mr Salihu Tijani was also debarred although his debarment was not included in the report.

Speaking on the need for integrity and transparency standards in public finance, the World Bank Group’s David Malpass, stated in his opening message in the report that the World Bank had granted over $157bn to assist developing countries.

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