How Snoop Dogg Misled The World On Nigerian Rower, Coco Ukogu

How Snoop Dogg Misled The World On Nigerian Rower, Coco Ukogu

DaysCoco Ukogu Days ago, the social media sphere went agog to news that self-sponsored Nigerian rower, Chierika ‘Coco’ Ukogu had won silver medal at the ongoing Rio Olympics. Many celebs and other Nigerians quickly jumped on the train to express how proud they were of the wonderful lady. Snoop Dogg's IG post BBN360

BlackBox Nigeria checks have however showed that the news is not unconnected to American rapper, Snoop Dogg.  While it is unclear if he was the one who cooked up the story, the veteran entertainer days ago shared the information on his Instagram account which quickly went viral.  

However the truth is Coco did not win a silver medal, she didnt even win bronze or come close to the medal’s table at Rio. She came 20th overall at the rowing event in Rio.

What she however won was the respect of us all, Coco was able to establsih herself as an International rower who is proud of her heritage. She could have declared loyalty to one of those countries with facilities and technical trainers but no, she decided to represent her fatherland in a competition which remains alien to the nation…well except when we have boat regatta festivals anyway.

All hail Queen Coco!


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