How Gistlover exposed killer police officers in Anambra

How Gistlover exposed killer police officers in Anambra

Safiu Kehinde 

The Nigerian social media space has been awash with a flurry of comments this week after controversial Instagram blogger, Gistlover exposed the horrifying activities of one CSP Patrick Agbazue whose name now strikes fear in mind of Anambra citizens on account of his exposed extrajudicial killing and alleged organ harvesting of victims.

This big revelation started on Wednesday when Gistlover called the attention of its followers on Instagram, pleading with viewers to tag all Anambra indigenes along as the story unfolds.

“Hello Tueh Tueh, GLB Nation. It’s about to go down oooo. Biko I need favour. Tag all Anambra people here. It’s very important. Tag as much as you can- Anambra residents and indigenes. Of you love them, they need to be here, I dey come.” Gistlover had posted.

The page admin narrated how he was inspired to venture into the investigation following a comment by an Instagram user with the handle name @Ifeanyimagnus48.

Ifeanyi had narrated how his brother who just arrived from Turkey was kidnapped in Anambra and how the said kidnappers drained his brother’s bank account and planned to kill him after dispossessing him of all his property.

With the aid of several pictorial evidence and videos which were posted on Gistlovers’ Telegram handle, all roads led to Inspector Harrison Akama, who was said to have been arrested several times by Police Headquarters, Abuja, for several gross misconducts, SP Princess Nwode – the alleged wife of Insp. Harrison Akama, Achunike Aduaka- also a Police Officer and a POS operator whose account was often use to collect money from victims, and CSP Patrick Agbazue, the ring leader and main culprit of this extrajudicial killing spree.

As more evidence kept unfolding, the case started trending across Twitter space with the tag, Arthur Eze.


The expose even became bigger when the popular online news platform, Nairaland published a report with the headline, “Meet the Police CSP that works as a Serial Assassin”.

Eventually, Nigerian Police Force were indeed forced to issue a statement in acknowledgement of the scandal as well as assurance on conducting further investigations with the Inspector General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba, setting up a panel to look into the issue.

While the panel were given two weeks to gather, file, and present their reports, the erring police officers have since been arrested as investigation continues.

The Nigerian Police Force Public Relations Officer, CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, also took to his Twitter page on Saturday to commend the effort of Gistlovers in bring such appalling misconduct to the attention of the public.

“Good day. We really want to appreciate Nigerians, most especially @Gistloversblog1, for the efforts put together to call out attention to the allegations and incidences in Anambra. It’s indeed an eye-opener for us at the FHQ. I can confirm to you for free that,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, the action of the Nigeria Police Force has raised several reactions from netizens with some commending the measure taken by the Force.

A Twitter user with the handle, Chris-Chukwku-COFR, labelled NPF’s move as ‘first class policing’ while lauding the effort of the Force in holding themselves accountable.

“This is first class policing. The police holding itself accountable. A fine way to build and regain public trust,” he wrote.

Another Twitter user, @Legasy_Uzoma commended the NPF while hoping they apprehend everyone involved.

“Ok now…this is the type of news I love to wake up to. Thank you @NigeriapolicePR for listening to Nigerians. In good faith and without fear to call out/arrest whoever is involved, we await your findings. Thank you 🙏🏽,” Uzoma wrote.

Some netizens were, however, of contrary opinion about the reaction of the NPF and are skeptical of the Force promise.

Some had referred back to the case of CSP James Nwafor, questioning the Force on what they had done about the killer cop.

“Before you believe the police will act in good faith, ask them about James Nwafor, the former OC SARS awkuzu. His atrocities weigh more than this and it was all swept under the carpet and he walks a free man,” one Twitter user with the handle, @_konrade, commented under CSP Olumuyiwa’s thread.

Another user, @Von_Bismack, revealed how he had tried to call the attention of the Police Force to the killing spree of the CSP Patrick Agbazue way back in 2020 when he was alleged to be responsible for the death of one Lotanna Okeke

“This same officer killed Lotanna Okeke in 2020. All my efforts for a listening ear fell on deaf ears. You people allowed him to continue the killing. Nothing will still happen. He will be protected as usual.” Bismack had tweeted.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user with the handle, @DaddyZee14, condemned the Police Force, narrating how he was accosted by some Officers and forced to make $20,000 worth of Bitcoin to the men in black before they could release him last week.

“Your officers are rogue. I’m a victim. Men in uniform stopped me by 10am around Victoria Island. Drive me away in a gold colour Siena and at gun point transferred $20,000 from my bitcoins wallet. This happened like 2 days ago. 1004 traffic light to be precise,” DaddyZee revealed.

The question still lingering in the mind of Nigerians is the assurance that the Nigerian Police Force will look into in the case of CSP Patrick Agbazue and his cohort and bring the culprits to book as promised rather than sweeping it under the carpet.


























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