How Gen-Z Can Get Good Relationships (Part 2)

How Gen-Z Can Get Good Relationships (Part 2)

[tps_title]How Gen-Z Can Get Good Relationships (Part 2)

Boluwatife Yusuf

It might be hard for some of us to admit, but loving and being loved is one of the best feelings ever.

Although many people are scared of falling in love probably due to past experiences, stories they have heard or even scenarios that they have seen, still at a point in time in our lives we all will need a shoulder to lean on, someone who we can share our feelings and deepest secrets with.

In cases of people who have fallen victims to abusive relationships, it might seem hard or even impossible for them to love again, but here are some helpful tips on how to get a good relationship for every individual;

1. Be yourself: The first step in finding love, the true one at that, is being yourself. Do not try to be fake for any reason, show that weakness of yours now, show that your strength, let people accept you for who you are, don’t try to put up an act to lure someone to get into a relationship with you. In essence, JUST BE YOU!

2. Take but don’t waste your time on your past: For ex-victims of abusive relationships trying to love again, or individuals who feel they have some unfinished business with their exes, it is advised you make sure to heal from whatever scar of pain the past has left on you before going into a new relationship. That way you will tend to find inner peace within you, you tend to have a bigger heart and be more optimistic and you’ll be surprised at how well you’ll be able to fit in your new relationship. However, it is not advised you take too much time on healing but you can take enough time and be careful not to be too hard on yourself.

3. Take care of your physical appearance: The way you are seen is the way you’ll be perceived. Always dress up, look good, smile as often as you can and see yourself attracting the opposite sex in no time. Although other things matter in choosing a partner, like intelligence, loyalty and other unarguably important factors, still do not be in a relationship with someone you are not physically attracted to else you’ll get swayed easily by beautiful ladies/handsome men, in some cases even, they might have been some sort of entanglements before you realize they aren’t as intelligent, smart, or as lively as you think they are. You can get someone who is intelligent, smart, lively and still beautiful/handsome.

4. Know that people differ: Know that not all men are scum, not all ladies cheat. People differ! They are still honest and loyal people in this world of ours today. Yes! They might be rare to find but they exist. So hold yourself back from loving someone else cos you feel they are the same as people you have heard of, seen, or encountered in the past.

5. Be ready to embrace a new phase: Lastly, be ready to try again. Don’t just heal, don’t just be you, don’t just view people differently in your inner mind, be ready to put into practice all you have taught yourself. Show enthusiasm and eagerness but not desperateness of wanting to love again.

Having talked about how to curb abusive relationships and how to find love, in the final and 3rd parts of this story we will be discussing how to keep healthy relationships.

Stay tuned!


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