How Cadbury Nigeria Resolved Issue After Customer Found Dead-butterfly In Bournvita

How Cadbury Nigeria Resolved Issue After Customer Found Dead-butterfly In Bournvita

Fawaz Adebisi 


In an extraordinary turn of events, Cadbury Nigeria Plc. demonstrated its commitment to customer satisfaction when a woman raised a troubling concern about the quality of their Bournvita product.

Victor Adetosoye, the company’s front desk officer, noticed the distressed customer and promptly informed his manager, Akin Fadeyi.

Akin Fadeyi, the Communications Manager, shared his perspective on this remarkable encounter, on Friday through his Facebook page.

He recalled that the woman had come to their office with a complaint about a can of Bournvita that contained an unexpected addition—a dead housefly.

Initially, she expressed her frustration with Cadbury’s product quality and demanded to speak to a manager.

Akin Fadeyi’s engaging and empathetic approach diffused the situation.

He not only acknowledged her disappointment but also assured her of the company’s commitment to quality control and responsible business practices.

His mastery of emotional intelligence played a pivotal role in calming the customer’s fury.

To further demonstrate their dedication to customer satisfaction, Akin Fadeyi arranged for a generous replacement—a whole carton of Bournvita.

This gesture left the customer pleasantly surprised and satisfied with the resolution.

The woman, impressed by Cadbury’s handling of the situation, exchanged contact information with Akin Fadeyi, and they have remained friends to this day.

This incident serves as a shining example of how emotional intelligence and effective customer engagement can turn a potential crisis into a positive customer experience.

Akin Fadeyi’s story also highlights the importance of public relations and crisis management for businesses.

Cadbury Nigeria Plc. managed to maintain its reputation and customer trust by addressing the issue promptly and with empathy.

In conclusion, this incident serves as a valuable lesson for businesses in handling customer complaints and crises with grace, empathy, and emotional intelligence.

Cadbury Nigeria Plc.’s quick response and Akin Fadeyi’s skillful communication undoubtedly saved the day and strengthened their customer relationships.


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