House Conspiracy! Biggie Decides To Nullify Nominations, Puts HMs In Suspicion

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Housemates of the Big Brother Naija are all on the hot seat this week as none of them is sure who is up for possible eviction, even after the nominations. This situation came up after it was discovered that some HMs conspired to evict some other members.

It is a standing rule in Biggie’s House that contestants are at no time allowed to discuss who they nominated during open discussions.

But several people were caught in the act Earley today, first was Kemen and Marvis, then Jon and Ese.

Biggie while playing the video clip were Kemen was secretly conspiring with Marvis to the other housemates, he disclosed that all nominations were cancelled.

He announced immediately that nominations will be completed by himself and made known to the public alone, unlike previous weeks where contestants know their fate and possibly start a campaign trend.

See below for the full list of nominations made by each housemates….

TTT – Efe and Uriel
Bassey – Efe and Ese
Jon- Bally and Marvis
Marvis – Ese and Debbie-Rise
Tboss – Jon and Ese
Bally – Jon and Ese
Kemen – Jon and Ese
Bisola – Tboss and Uriel
Efe – Tboss and Ese
Ese – Uriel and Bassey
Debbie-Rise – Ese and Jon
Jon – Bally and Marvis
Uriel – Ese and Jon

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