Horrible! Man Arrested For Defiling Own Three Daughters

Horrible! Man Arrested For Defiling Own Three Daughters

Ibo La Tun Ja Si! Man Arrested For Defiling Own Three Daughters

Boluwatife Yusuf

A man identified as Emeka Christopher Orisakwe has been charged guilty of defiling his own daughters(name hidden) which are of ages eight, six and four.

A human right activist who works with the Advocate of Children and Vunerable people’s network (ACVPN) said the case was first reported May 2021 by his wife. However, she dropped her charges against her husband afterwards after getting a warning from the family members that such issues should not be addressed by the public as it a family issue.

Mr Christopher, however didn’t stop his bad act as the wife reported him again on the 2nd of August 2021 for sleeping with their last child.

Mr Christopher didn’t stop at defiling his own children, he even claimed that is wife had mental issues and her words shouldn’t be treated with importance of any kind.

However, medical tests have shown that Mr Christopher is guilty of the allegations made by his wife are factual causing the government to punish Mr Christopher by conveying him to kirikiri prison while awaiting prosecution.


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