Hijrah 1440AH: Alimosho LG Boss Congratulates Muslims

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Hijrah 1440AH: Alimosho LG Boss Congratulates Muslims


The Executive chairman of Alimosho, Hon. Jelili Sulaimon congratulated Muslim faithfuls in his new Hijrah year address. The chairman encouraged Muslims to use the new year period to set agenda for themselves, the community and the nation.

It is the chairman’s hope that Muslims, while celebrating the Hijrah new year should not forget the myriads of lessons embedded in the Hijrah celebration.

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Hon. Jelili advised Muslims to pick from the lesson of Hijrah. He called on the people to “migrate from all forms of lies, vandalization of government properties, stealing, corruption, laziness, non payment of rates, ignorance to mention but few”. The LG boss reiterated that “it is time to migrate to truthfulness, hardwork, protection of government properties, prompt payment of rates among others”


The chairman wished Muslims a fruitful, successful and rewarding year ahead. Today, Tuesday marked the new year, 1st of Muharram of the Hijrah calendar.

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