Happy Birthday Sulton: A Son To His Mother’s Heart By Ogbeni Adewunmi Sanni

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Happy Birthday Sulton: A Son To His Mother’s Heart By Ogbeni Adewunmi Sanni

Happy Birthday Birthday Sulton Sanni

Dear Sulton,

Alhamdulilahi robilialamin, and Alhamdulilah for our parents.

My dear Oba Adeoye, while growing up I always believed our parents were not doing enough, I’m of the opinion that they could have done better. I never realized they sacrifice their pleasure to put food on our table, to clothe us and make sure we become someone of repute in life. I never realize this until your mother gave birth to you, the event that followed your birth made we realized the meaning of Allah words in (Quran 4:36) “Worship Allah and join none with Him in worship, and do good to parents”

Dear Oluwashindara, after your first two weeks on earth, we were at the edge of losing you, running up and down to save your life, if my memory do not fail me we visited 7 medical hospitals and 5 trado-medical healing centres. Alhamdulilah we are here today celebrating your first birthday.

Adebola, you need to remember Allah spare your life not because your parent were special in his sight, never forget he spare your life so you could worship him, never leave the pillar of God, he’s always there for those who serve him. Many of those you spend days together at the Intensive Care Unit are no more, My dear Son cherish life and worship Allah (Quran 51:56) ”I created the jinn and humans for nothing else but that they may serve Me.”

Dear Son, do not forget your mother, for good three months, she was sharing her nights with mosquitoes or the tales of how ghost do parade the environs of LUTH every midnight that we were told, your mother was out there every night watching you from the windows of the Intensive Care Unit, no sleep nor slumber coz the Doctors could call at any time, never forsake her she’s your demigod. Do not forget the word of the Prophet “Heaven lies beneath the feet of mothers”

My boy you might be wondering why dad failed to mention his own role, It was because the whole scenario was an eye-opener, I saw the essence of Allah, the truth in his word and the importance of family, their unflinching support was part of the reason I could write this epistle today, never abandon your family in time of need, they were the greatest asset that made us weather through the challenges, do not forget the words of Allah “And fear Allah through whose medium you ask one another (for your rights) and be mindful of your relatives.”

Oluwashindara, as the name implies, God is still doing wonders, he did wonders in your life and he has shown me mercies when I less expected it. I believe he will continue to do great things in your life but never forget that life is not a bed of roses, sometimes we cry and sometimes we laugh, wherever situation you find yourself uphold the pillar of God and remember (Quran 94 vs 5-6) “Verily, with every difficulty there is relief. Verily, with every difficulty there is relief.”

Dear Alade, I’m happy you are a year older, I pray Allah to continue to increase you and make you the coolness of our eye. Never forget to worship Allah, be good to your parents, relative and uphold the pillar of Allah. I wish you more prosperous years on earth.

I celebrate you in Allah’s name today, as I celebrate your Mother who as been more than a pillar in the most trying period you have lived. You are a son to your morher’s heart and mine most sincerely.

Happy Birthday Son.

Ogbeni Sanni Adewunmi

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