Germany Legalizes Cannabis Smoking For Citizens 

Germany Legalizes Cannabis Smoking For Citizens 

Fawaz Adebisi 

The German government, with strong support from the parliament, has legalized cannabis smoking for its citizens.

Individuals can now possess up to 25 grams daily in public, with a limit of three plants at home and 50 grams in private residences.

The legislative approval came after a heated session, on Friday, in the Bundestag, where 407 votes favored the law, while 226 opposed it.

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach highlighted the alarming increase in young people using black market cannabis, emphasizing the need to ensure product safety and combat organized crime.

While proponents argue that the law aims to reduce black market activity and protect users, critics like Simone Borchardt express concerns about heightened health risks for the youth.

The new regulations, effective from April 1, only apply to individuals aged 18 and above.


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