Genital Theft: Adamawa Poly Students Protest Theft Of Six Students’ Private Organs

Genital Theft: Adamawa Poly Students Protest Theft Of Six Students’ Private Organs

Latiifah Amusan


In a bizarre and unsettling series of events, students at Adamawa State Polytechnic were thrust into a state of fear and panic as rumors of male genital theft swept across Abuja, Nasarawa, and Kogi states, leaving victims traumatized and communities on edge.

Monday bore witness to a disturbing incident at Adamawa State Polytechnic, where six male students found themselves at the center of a peculiar and terrifying phenomenon.

Witnesses reported that two unknown individuals, who are believed to be the culprits behind this disturbing trend, visited the campus and initiated a series of bizarre encounters. 

According to these witnesses, the strangers shook hands with the male students, resulting in a chilling transformation.

The private parts of the affected students reportedly shrank to the size of a matchstick, leaving the victims in a state of shock and disbelief.

As news of the alleged genital theft rapidly spread throughout the campus, other students swiftly gathered, their intentions clear: confront the mysterious strangers and demand the reversal of the inexplicable ordeal.

However, chaos erupted when security agents intervened, preventing the students from taking the law into their own hands.

A source close to the incident recounted,

“The students became violent because the police and polytechnic authorities prevented them from lynching the suspected private part thieves.”

This unrest led to a blockade of Galadima Aminu Way, a significant road near the polytechnic’s main campus.

Restoring order required a concerted effort from various security personnel, including the military, police, and civil defense.

The situation had escalated to the point where immediate intervention was essential to prevent further harm.

Albert Matilah, the spokesperson for Adamawa State Polytechnic, confirmed the shocking incident and offered some insight into the unfolding situation.

He explained,

“We woke up to this unfortunate situation: There have been rumors that criminals who specialize in snatching private parts of individuals were in town. And this morning, six of our students complained that their private parts had disappeared.”

Matilah also confirmed that the alleged culprits had been apprehended and subsequently handed over to the police, signaling the beginning of a thorough investigation into this mysterious and deeply unsettling series of events.



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