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Fuel prices has been increased for the 5th time in five months

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Good things comes one after the other, but not for Africa’s giant, which has experienced five pump price increments in five months.

Recall that earlier this morning, the Federal Government announced the new price between ₦168 and ₦172.

The new price has received public outcry, expectedly so, given the economic state of things; failing economy met pandemic, plus increasing prices.

Petrol prices in the oil – rich country increased for five straight months, rising from ₦121.50 in May to ₦168 and ₦172 in November.

Below is the full analysis of the fuel prices in the last five months;

May 2020 – fuel price between ₦121.50 to ₦123.50 per litre.

July 2020 – fuel price between ₦140.80 and ₦143.80

August 2020 – fuel price between ₦145.86 and ₦148.86

September 2, 2020 – fuel price between ₦158 and ₦162.

November 13, 2020 – fuel price between ₦168 and ₦172.

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