From Cleaner to Supervisor: A Remarkable Tale of Education and Opportunity

From Cleaner to Supervisor: A Remarkable Tale of Education and Opportunity

Latiifah Amusan


In the year 2016, Oluwanishola Akeju found himself in a small factory that produced pots, a recommendation from a neighbor during his job hunt. 

Despite being a Computer and Engineering graduate, financial desperation led him to accept a cleaning job at the factory.

Owned by a Ghanaian entrepreneur who rarely made appearances, the factory’s production soared due to high demand for its pots. 

Rumors circulated about hiring more workers, and the factory seemed poised for expansion.

A pivotal moment occurred when the elusive Ghanaian owner visited and observed the cleaning process. 

Akeju’s exceptional ability to swiftly count the pots caught the owner’s attention. 

Asked about his method, Akeju attributed it to a simple rule of ‘row’ and ‘column,’ a system he had taught his colleagues.

Impressed, the owner learned of Akeju’s education in computer science. 

This chance encounter led to an unexpected turn of events. 

Akeju was offered the position of Supervisor, a role that came with an office, a laptop, a phone, a personal vehicle, and a significant salary increase to 90k net.

The transformative power of education became evident in Akeju’s journey, turning him from a cleaner to a Supervisor.

His story serves as a testament to the doors education can open, even in unexpected places.

Akeju’s message resonates beyond his success. He urges parents to instill in their children the understanding that education is the key to success, a passport to the future, and a leverage that distinguishes individuals from their peers. 

Despite the potential delay in reaping the benefits, Akeju emphasizes that education eventually pays off, discouraging young people from dismissing it as a scam.

Encountering a former cleaner colleague who still worked in the factory highlighted the impact of education on Akeju’s life. 

While he had moved on to a career in a commercial bank, his colleague remained in the same cleaning job. 

Akeju’s experience underscores the transformative power of education, turning a cleaner into a supervisor and leaving a lasting impression on his peers.

In conclusion, Akeju implores everyone to recognize the significance of education, emphasizing that an educated person holds a higher rank than a military marshal. 



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