Former Street-Connected Youth Reunites With Family In Ikorodu

Former Street-Connected Youth Reunites With Family In Ikorodu

Fawaz Adebisi 


In a heartening turn of events today, Ige, a student from School In The Street’s Ikorodu Centre, found himself back in the loving embrace of his family within the Maya Community, Ikorodu Lagos

Affectionately known as ‘omoga’ among his peers on the streets, Ige was among the first group of street-connected children and youths encountered when the Ikorodu Centre was established in 2020.

Ige, who had taken to the streets at the age of 11 while he was a JSS 2 student at an Ikorodu secondary school, has now made a courageous decision to put an end to his over 10-year journey living and working on the streets.

This decision marks the beginning of a fresh, promising chapter as he reunites with his delighted family members.

Ige now participates in book reading session, among other activities.

The School In The Street, with the slogan, “Rebuilding Lives, One Step at a Time,” is committed to ensuring Ige’s successful reintegration into society.

This involves enrolling him in vocational training and adult literacy classes, complemented by crucial psychosocial support services.


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