Former LASUSU President, Akeem Durojaiye down with cancer, seeks financial support #SaveAkeemDurojaiye

Former LASUSU President, Akeem Durojaiye down with cancer, seeks financial support #SaveAkeemDurojaiye

Former LASUSU President, Akeem Durojaiye down with cancer, seeks financial support #SaveAkeemDurojaiye 

Akeem Durojaiye is currently bedridden and requires urgent need to travel to Germany

A former president of the Lagos State University Student Union, Akeem Durojaiye has been diagnosed of cancer related ailments BlackBox Nigeria has learnt. 

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It was gathered that the young man who is currently a staff of the federal ministry of youths and sports has been down for months now and has had to undergo two surgeries at the National Hospital in Abuja where he was initially diagnosed.

AK z Ok as he is popularly called has however require to be flown abroad to get properly treated of the cancerous diagnosis.

BlackBox Nigeria learnt that the 34-year-old was diagnosed of Thymona, Langarhan’s Cell Histocytosis and Classical Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The last two are reported to be malignant.

It has been gathered that Akeem Durojaiye who is also the Secretary of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigerian, Federal Ministry of Youths and Sports chapter(an affiliate of the Trade Union Congress, TUC) has reached out to a German Hospital who can handle his surgical procedures. 

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Akeem needs €39,500 to get a proper treatment in the German Hospital (name of hospital withheld). In Naira, the money equals 13.6million.

It was gathered that friends and close associates are now rallying support to gather the required money. 

Below is a message that is being shared amongst friends…


Akeem Olalekan Durojaiye is a graduate of Political Science from Lagos State University, a former President of the Students’ Union and current Secretary to the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria, Ministry of Youth and Sport, under the Trade Union Congress where he is a Youth Officer in charge of Social Works.

Preliminary medical reports from the National Hospital, Abuja indicated that there is an obvious challenge with elucidation of his precise diagnosis as evident by fact that presently he has   three different distinctive diagnosis namely; THYMONA, LANGARHAN’S CELL HISTOCYTOSIS and CLASSICAL HODGKIN’S LYMPHOMA, the last two are malignant. After two operations in the last 3 months at the National Hospital, he has been advised to seek more definite medical help from specialised centre abroad within the next two weeks to carry out proper diagnosis and management.

He has gotten an invite from Germany and urgently needs 13.6 million naira for the multi disciplinary team to carryout the diagnosis and treatment. We humbly solicit your kind support to save his promising life.

Donate to:

Akeem Durojaiye; 2788209018, FCMB

Durojaiye Akeem Olalekan, 0023486294, Access Bank


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  • Akin Abimbola , June 6, 2019 @ 2:31 pm

    This information will be very useful……
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