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Five Quick Facts About New Emir Of Kano, Ado Bayero

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Five Quick Facts About New Emir Of Kano, Ado Bayero


It is no longer news that the embattled Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido (Muhammadu Sanusi II) has been dethroned by the Governor of Kano state, Abdulahi Ganduje. It has also been confirmed that Sanusi has been replaced by the Emir of Bichi, Aminu Ado Bayero who is now the 15th Emir of Kano.

Here are five quick facts about the new Emir…

1. Aminu Ado Bayero is the son of Lamido Sanusi’s predessesor. His father, Ado Abdulahi Bayero was the Emir of Kano between 1963 and 2014.

2. Aminu Ado Bayero and the deposed Emir, Sanusi Lamido are actually cousins. The late Emir of Kano who was Sanusi’s predecesor, Ado Bayero was actually Sanusi’s granduncle.

3. In 2019, in the wake of the crisis between Sanusi’s palace and Governor Ganduje, Aminu Ado Bayero was one of those who were made emirs to reduce Sanusi’s influence. He was crowned the Emir of Bichi alongside three others who also got other regions.

4. Aminu Ado Bayero is a Mass Communication graduate of Bayero University, Kano. Talk about attending a university named after your father.

5. From being a district head in Kano in 1990, Aminu Ado Bayero has held several positions in the emirate. He was ‘Dan Maje Kano’. From Dan Maje, he was promoted to ‘Dan Buran Kano’ after which he was elevated to Turakin Kano and later moved to another higher post as ‘Sarkin Dawakin Sakarin Gida Kano’.


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