FG wants to send first Nigerian to space. But citizens aren’t impressed

FG wants to send first Nigerian to space. But citizens aren’t impressed

By Habeeb Ibrahim 

The Nigerian government’s announcement of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Space Exploration and Research Agency to send the country’s first citizen to space has sparked a mix of excitement and skepticism on social media.

While some Nigerians have hailed the move as a significant milestone in the country’s space exploration journey, others have expressed doubts about the project’s feasibility and prioritization.

On social media, @Follow_etiosa commented, “We’re struggling with basic infrastructure like roads and electricity, but now we’re pursuing space travel? It seems like a misplaced priority to me.”

@UcheEbosie53847 added, “We lost a satellite in space and no one was held accountable. Now we’re sending a human? That’s a risky and potentially wasteful move.”

@otubabaddest said, “Another example of prioritizing the minor over the major.”

@uchedible added, “Not a misplaced priority, but a priority that’s misplaced.”

However, @ikennaubboe saw the positive side, tweeting, “This is a significant upgrade for Nigeria’s science and technology sector. Let’s keep pushing forward!”

Some users expressed concerns about the safety of the mission, with ARjerimi saying, “I worry about the safety of the mission. Whoever volunteers should prepare their will.”

Others made light of the situation, with Fortune17964098 joking, “Only someone tired of life would volunteer for this mission. It’s like going to space for democracy day without fuel or electricity!”

@MatthewUfu18694 asked, “What will they achieve in space? Will they bring back solutions for our insurgency, food production, or leadership issues? Or is this just a luxury we can’t afford right now?”


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