FG Allows Hijabs As Part Of Uniform In Federal Colleges

FG Allows Hijabs As Part Of Uniform In Federal Colleges

Fawaz Adebisi

In a significant development, the Nigerian government has officially granted permission for Muslim students attending government colleges to wear hijabs on campus.

This decision was communicated through a circular titled “Use of Corporate/Cape Size Hijab as Part of School Uniform for Female Muslim Students of Federal Unity Colleges,” released by the Office of the Permanent Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Education.

The circular explicitly states that the hijab is now a recognized component of the school uniform for female Muslim students across all 112 Federal Government Colleges (Unity Schools) in the nation.

The students have the option to incorporate a corporate/cape size hijab into their respective school uniforms.

It’s essential to note that the government has emphasized that no student should be coerced into wearing the corporate/cape size hijab against her personal choice.

The circular also highlights the existing two sets of school uniforms available for female students: the traditional skirt and blouse with a hat or beret, and the alternative option of trousers and kaftan (kaftan below the knee) with a head tie.

“You will recall that the female students have two sets of school uniform which are:

“i. Skirt and blouse (blouse, short or long sleeve as the case may be) with a hat or beret; and

“ii. Trousers and kaftan (kaftan below the knee) and a head tie. Please be guided accordingly, ” the circular read.


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