FCT Minister Destroys Recreational Park Over Sales of Alcohol

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FCT Minister Destroys Recreational Park Over Sales of Alcohol

Emerald Park, Abuja has been demolished on the orders of the FCT Minister

A recreational park simply known as Emerald Park has been destroyed on the orders of the Federal Capital Territory Authority (FCTA), BlackBox Nigeria reports.

According to a tweet shared by a close friend of the owner of the park, the park was allegedly destroyed due to the sale of alcohol at the park.

Remains of the park after demolition

Emma Umeh tweets, “The FCT minister is tying Abuja to a sharia state, how will you just destroy the gardens around FCT.. They just demolished my friend’s garden Emerald Park, the reason for the demolition is because they sell alcohol. I don’t know if FCT is now a sharia state. It’s really shameful”.

As at the time of filing this report, the tweet has generated reactions from online users, many of which opined that the structures might have been demolished not because of alcohol sales, but without proper approval from the FCT Authority.



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