FACTCHECK: Viral video of Recording Academy CEO revealing Grammys’ winners selection is from 2022

FACTCHECK: Viral video of Recording Academy CEO revealing Grammys’ winners selection is from 2022

FACTCHECK: Viral video of Recording Academy CEO revealing Grammys’ winners selection is from 2022

Ghazali Ibrahim 

A video showing Harvey Mason Jr revealing the process of selecting Grammy award winner during an interview session has surfaced online with a claim that it was said after the 2024 Grammy award edition.

The video is circulating on X and YouTube and reported by media following the failure of any Nigerian nominees to win the award in all the category nominated for.

The claim, posted by a YouTuber, Headless youtuber, on February 6th,2024, has since garnered over 3,588 views, over 108 likes and over 600 comments.

The caption on the video read: “How to win a grammy! CEO of Grammy explains #Grammys #Grammys2024

In the one minute, twenty seconds footage, Harvey Mason Jr.,CEO of Recording Academy was seen speaking to journalists on the criteria for the selection of grammy award winner.

A man with eyeglasses and a flower stand could also be seen behind his back while addressing the press.

Another YouTuber, NAS WORLD TV posted the same video with another caption that read: “ How to win Grammy award by CEO:#grammys#viral#shortsfeed#shortvideo#davido#burnaboy#shorts”

The post as at the time of this check generated 82 likes and more than 2,553 views as of February 6, 2024.

An X user, @Damiadenuga posted the same video with another caption,”How to win a Grammy – Grammy CEO”

The post generated 178 repost, 624 likes and 48.2k views on Tuesday 6th February,2024.

Cable, reported that Harvey Mason Jr. the CEO of the Recording Academy, organisers of the Grammy awards has revealed how winners of the prestigious prizes are selected.

The viral video was also reported herehere,and here.


Video shows Harvey Mason Jr. Revealing the process of being selected as winner at Grammys


When Black Box Nigeria subjected key frames from the video to a Google Reverse Image Search, the result show that it has been online since 2022 in an Instagram reels posted by Obinkran Jr on 26th September 2022, and it depict Mason’s revealing award selection process.

According to the video, Grammy CEO was addressing the journalist on the eve of 2022 edition of Grammys about the eligibility criteria for being selected as a winner in any Grammy award category.

A frame in the video was also captured in a TikTok reel posted by BOARDROOM,the post garnered 19.2k likes, 798 comments and 520 share.

However, there was no report indicating the statement made by Grammy CEO after the 66th edition of the award as of the time of filing this fact-check. 


The claim that the video Grammy CEO revealing eligibility criteria after the award selection at the 66th Grammy is MISLEADING; findings show that the video has been online since 2022 during the 64 edition of the award.



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