Facebook Founder, Mark Shares Experience Of Jollof Rice And Pounded Yam In Nigeria

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The social media community in Nigeria has been agog since late Tuesday when tech guru, Mark Zuckerberg showed up surprisingly at an event in Yaba area of Lagos State. For everything he has been doing since Tuesday, is a point of highlight as it does not only reflect on indigent Nigerians, but also portray the ambience in the city.

With this in view, many have speculated that his visit would not be complete if he was not welcomed with the nation’s most rated food, Jollof Rice before leaving.

Well, he did and it surely met his expectation. After tasting the legendary delicacy, the Facebook founder could not hide but share the experience with the world during the questions and answers session for Facebook. Watch the session below…

Mark Zukerberg on his Jolof Rice experience in Nigeria during the #FacebookQ&A session

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