EXCLUSIVE! Shame of A Nation! National Bureau of Statistics In Darkness Over N30 Million Debt

EXCLUSIVE! Shame of A Nation! National Bureau of Statistics In Darkness Over N30 Million Debt

The National Bureau of Statistics Headquarters in Abuja, is currently bedeviled with generator noise as every department has resulted to self help in generating power after Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) put the government parastatal in darkness since December 2016 over debts running into millions of Naira

A BlackBox Nigeria source in the nation’s capital revealed that the government agency now run power supply independently like private flats.

It was discovered that the agency’s failure to pay a debt stated to be above N30m forced the power company to cut them off the grid.

Workers are now left to fend for themselves as the leadership of the agency frowned at the high cost of maintenance of the agency’s generating set, a development that prompted some departments to start operating personal generators while those that can’t afford it are left to use hand fans while attending to official matters.

Despite the accrued debts and inability to fuel the generating sets, it was discovered that the Statistician General of the Federation and Chief Executive Officer, Dr Yemi Kale continues with his several trips outside the country.

BBN source as at the time of this report could not verify if the several trips were official nor ascertain the source of funding of the trips.

While some department could afford to buy generators to use, including the office of the SG, others are left to suffer the irregularities of no power supply through out office hours on daily basis since December 26th, 2016,  when the Abuja Distribution Company discontinued power supply to the agency.

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