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Exclusive! ‘My Mother Never Thought Singing Fuji Could Make Me Successful’- Atare Samson

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Atare Samson

…Talks about bringing Alhaji Sulaimon Adekunle Malaika live on stage


Impeccable is what you get to say when a boy born in the suburban area of Ikorodu in Lagos to a hitherto unknown family decides to take his own destiny into his own hands by pursuing his passion in music not just music but the ‘local dance all’ popularly known as Fuji often associated with hooliganism and seen as less lucrative compared to its hip hop counterpart.


With a stunning music career of over 30 years of successful run and still counting, Popular,  energetic and Ikorodu based Fuji singer, Alhaji Oladeinde Samson otherwise known as Atare Samson while reviewing the journey so far with BlackBox Nigeria, revealed that although he has among other things, carved a niche for himself in the Fuji craft, his mother while growing up never thought Fuji as it were was enough for him to break even so she had to make him go through the excruciating pains of learning fashion designing after secondary school even though he knew all along that music was the way to go.


In this exclusive interview with our reporter, Amosu Jeremiah, the award-winning Fuji Star who has to his name several awards and three albums so far, takes us through his career progression alongside challenges. He also sheds light on his upcoming birthday party which is scheduled to feature live on stage, Alhaji Sulaimon Alao Adekunle Malaika and also the unveiling of additional two albums to his discography.


Indeed, the Ikorodu born is the interviewer’s delight, below are major highlights of the interview.

Atare Samson on stage


Your background?

I was born in Ikorodu where I attended Ipakodo Primary school, after which I went to Government College in, Ogolonto Ikorodu where I obtained my Senior Secondary School Certificate, SSCE in 1966. After secondary school, my mother enrolled me at a fashion house in Balogun Market on the Lagos Island to learn the craft as she was skeptical about my breaking even through music alone, I had to lukewarmly obey her wish but right within me, I knew my passion was in music. Today, aside from having a successful timeline down the line in the game, I am married with three children.


How did you discover music?


At a very tender age even before completing my secondary school education, I noticed that I developed a special interest for music as I was loved by all especially those that I displayed my music talent to; it was at this junction I realized that music could be it for me. My music career officially started in 1986. Ever since every effort has been channeled towards having a successful shot at it. In summary, I can say my music career started from home then it proceeded to different shows, night and street parties with the company of my friends.


Why Fuji?


Fuji remains the leader in the industry based on content, rhyme and otherwise. The lyrics of hip-hop can easily be infused but that of Fuji demands prowess. Hip-hop artist today run to the Fuji world to pick their lines and style.


What are some of the challenges encountered so far?


I have had countless challenges that I cannot begin to mention right now, but I remembered a major one several years ago where I went to a show in Lagos to perform but before I even had the chance to start singing, a street fight ensued that led to vandalizing of various musical equipment and injury of some of my crew members. This event left us stranded that we had to start seeking alms to enable us to return to our various destination as we had no cash on us for transportation. I can say today that the narrative has changed for the better.


How were you able surmounted these challenges?


All I can say is that we have come a long way and time has allowed us to stay focused and never distracted.


Many say that your reach as a Fuji star is not beyond Ikorodu?


That’s not true as over the years in my career, I have had the opportunities to perform nationwide in places I can’t even recollect which includes; Kano, Ilorin, Zaria and internationally; South Africa. Besides, Ikorodu gradually is becoming the hub for Fuji shows. I can tell you for sure that no week goes by without one or two top Fuji singers coming to perform live in Ikorodu.


Can you tell us about your upcoming show?


The show has been slated to hold on Friday 9th August 2019 at Samelot Hotel & Suites behind Nasfat Akasoleri, Ikorodu. It promises to be a special one not just because it is my birthday party but because it will be graced by another popular senior Fuji colleague, Alhaji Sulaimon Adekunle Malaika. Also, I will be launching my fourth and fifth album on that same day. The support I am getting so far has been overwhelming.


There have been allegations making the round that since you sing like Atawewe, why haven’t you invited him for any of your shows and is it true that he tutored you on how to sing Fuji?


I still maintain quite a cordial relationship with Alhaji Sulaimon Adio Oladele Oyeneye otherwise known as Atawewe although I have invited him for my 3 album launch in the past which he didn’t show up, this is why I have decided to invite another good Fuji artist to my coming album launch. It is total falsehood that I was trained on how to sing by Atawewe. Since I started Fuji, I have never for a day asked any other Fuji artist to train me on the craft as all I know today was innate. The only person I can say I looked up to as a mentor was the Late Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde otherwise called Barrister. I can also say that we sound alike on stage but aside this; we have been independent since inception. Pasuma has also inspired me.


Collaboration (s) so far?


Countless! Over the years, I have had cause to collaborate with the likes of Pasuma, Atawewe himself, Malaika, Remi Aluko among others on stage but I am yet to have a studio collaboration. In the nearest future, I am looking at studio collaboration with Malaika, Pasuma and Remi Aluko.


Awards so far?


I cannot state in specifics now, but in the estimation, I can say categorically that I have been awarded over 11 awards for my excellence in the field.


Future plans?


There are ongoing plans to embark on international tours as we have international promoters calling to liaise about this already. Also, there is plan to have a Dubai edition of my birthday party for this summer. We are in the same vain working on fusing hip-hop into my Fuji genre; work is already ongoing on this.


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    If you want to no much about atere I no much we have went to show one day all of us Ron way home they called the pace ijede atere havr face alot of thing may Allah carry is hand up before he now meet sure man sir k oluwo he carry is live up thing now he have never come down you we not come down by the name of your mum and your daddy and Allah

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