Ex-Ambassador Lauds FG over Sowore’s detention, slams others

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Ex-Ambassador Lauds FG over Sowore’s detention, slams others

Edwin Eriye

Former Ambassador of Nigeria to Ukraine, Ambassador Ibrahim Kasai has advised the Federal Government to still remand the detained leader of the Revolution Now movement, Omoyele Sowore and also prosecute him for treason.

The Northern Leader, in an interview disclosed that Sowore’s alleged plan was to render PMB government unstable.

Former Ambassador did not mince words when slamming former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, and other prominent Nigerians who called for the release of the Revolution Now leader, he tagged their plea as “ selfish and against the nations interest”.

“Well, by way of contributing to the national discourse, let me say that what is going on now in the country is not good for our national development; a crime is a crime.

“If somebody said he is leading a revolution, the word “revolution” alone connotes a change in government; look at our constitution, you cannot change government just like that, nobody has the right or power to just change the government; the only way the government can be changed is through the ballot box.

“More so, Sowore contested against PMB in the last general elections and lost, and I don’t think he is doing this because he lost an election, because for every crime there is an intent.

“What the DSS have done is right, he should be charged for treason and that is all, crime is crime. There is no need trying to douse tension that he was only trying to discredit what was going on; there is no room for that”.

“You can criticize the government, but also proffer solutions. Whatever the PDP Presidential candidate said, and those in support of the act are not in the Nations interest”. 

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