Energy Expert Lauds FG On Comprehensive Power Audit Plans

Energy Expert Lauds FG On Comprehensive Power Audit Plans

Nigeria’s foremost renewable energy researcher and promoter Prince Timothy Okedele has applauded the federal government on its recent decision to embark on comprehensive power audit to ascertain the quantity of energy supply needed in Nigeria.

Okedele stated this on the heel of declaration to that effect by the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola SAN on the power crises.

He said with the decision, it is obvious that the current administration is ready to solve power problem permanently in Nigeria.

The Minister said the task of power supply would be greatly enhanced if government and the suppliers knew the number of people that needed power so that there would be proper plan for generation and supply.

He called for the audit of households, the occupants and the quantity of power consumption as that would help government to plan a comprehensive service delivery across the country.

Fashola, planned to do the audit during the next National Census exercise and appealed to state governments to do same to enhance electricity supply, using such information.

Okedele reinstated that auditing power usage will enhance the supply of power because it will enable the government to know the quantity and plan sustainable energy supply.

He said, “If the government embarks on the project, it will create jobs for the youths who will be employed in local governments, state and federal level.

“Government should also embark on new and renewable energy power plants  such as solar, hydrogen, web tide, wind etc. If they are used, it will not only guarantee employment for the youths, but yield revenue for the government.”

Okedele warned against future accumulation of energy plants that will encourage long transportation of electricity, as such energy system has common natural disadvantage of  been vulnerable to solar flares which he described as a moving cloud of charged particles that react violently with earth’s magnetosphere and causes extensive grid damage.

Okedele said he was ready to assist the government in the lofty idea for auditing and engage his foreign partners from Singapore, China, India, Brazil, USA, South Korea, Russia and others for sustainable power in Nigeria through New and renewable energy.

He regretted that the opportunity given to Nigeria over the years by international organizations such as World Hydrogen  Energy Conference (WHEC), organizer of World Young Scientists Forum, the International Symposium on Alcohol Fuel (ISAF) hosted by Chonnam National University (CNU) and Korea society of Automotive engineers to educate/train and empower Nigerian professionals, Youths, Students and government delegates on: Production technology for sustainable first and Second generation Alcohol fuels, Sustainable Oxygenated bio-fuels was through Busan ENTECH secretariat in south Korea to attain trade exhibition in Korea 2016 was wasted because he contacted the relevant agents and they did not respond.

He further appealed to the government not to miss upcoming programm.

“Federal government should make necessary contact so that they will not miss such opportunity in 2017. Both State and Local government have the opportunity of making use of Both ENTECH  as a platform to expose and promote the Nigeria’s economic potential such as mineral solid resources, agriculture, cultural heritage and many more to the world in their plan to change our nation’s economic status from oil as main stay.

“It is important to highlight that ENTECH 2017 becomes the best platform FG, State and Local to expose/promote the Nigeria’s economic potentials such as solid minerals, Agricultural, our rich cultural heritage and other resources that was hitherto not known to the Asian and the global community Since  Nigeria has no technology of her own concerning environment and energy to showcase to the world.

“This global publicity will positively impact Nigeria as it would create international trade relations, attract investors and pull tourists to our great nation for general economic and political boost. The people of Nigeria will never cease to cherish your good deeds. Okedele thank organizing committee of Busan ENTECH and Vietnam -Hanoi ENTECH 2016 for their plan to allow youth/student participation at  ENTECH Hanoi “International Environment& Energy Cooperation forum” concurrent event where Nigeria youths/student will have opportunity to be trained to become skill on renewable energy, environment and anti-pollution related technology, provide the basis for advancing our knowledge base in science and technology, Okedele appeal to the present administration to put all machinery on motion and participate at future ENTECH 2017.”

Okedele, emphasizing on the benefit of energy study, said when the audit is carried out, it will enable the government to ascertain the quantity of energy every household, offices and companies requires, the cumulative of which we give total energy of Nigeria.

“Auditing will help government in putting all our electrical network facility updated  and the power energy crises will be over in Nigeria,” he said

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