Dramatic! Governor Fayose Puts Out Raging Fire In Ekiti

Dramatic! Governor Fayose Puts Out Raging Fire In Ekiti

The most active opposition leader, Governor Ayodele Fayose is in the news again for his street credibility as he was seen assisting men of Ekiti State Fire Service when a tanker went into flames at a filing station in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State on Sunday afternoon.

According to updates from the fire scene, the Governor who also got the alert as same as the Ekiti firefighters took to the street to help engage and put out the fire.

Fayose, who was wearing a white attire soon made the fire scene a tourist attraction of sort as he joined the firefighters. Many residents in the neighbourhood were seen scattered all over the area as they were amazed to see their number 1 citizen battle with fire like a trained official.

It was gathered that his presence was indeed a major morale booster for the fire service as the fire was said to gave been put off after several other people joined like the Governor did in helping to battle the tanker which went up into flames.

Some houses close to the filing station were not spared from the fire as it consumed little part of the surrounding houses.

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