Then They Dragged Tuface To Jesus, With Stones In Their Hands, Saying;…

Then They Dragged Tuface To Jesus, With Stones In Their Hands, Saying;…

Hypocrites- Master, Master, this one has babies from different women. In fact 5 children from 3 women, he has no moral standards to lead a peaceful protest asking the FG to sit up and do her job. What shall we do to him? He is no example of abstinence.

Jesus bent down, writing on the sands all the women they have slept with legally and illegally, he said to them.

Jesus – He who has never ejaculated inside a condom should cast the first stone.  Know ye not that, those sperms inside a condom are potential children you flushed down daily in the toilet ?

The PharaAPCistsies on hearing the words of Jesus, knew that some of them have not only flushed down potential children in the toilet but have paid for multiple women to abort their babies for them.

The PharaAPCistsies dropped their stones and left Jesus and Tuface.

Jesus turned to Tuface and said

Jesus – Tuface, has any one condemned you?

Tuface shaking and with his hands raised answered Jesus.

Tuface – Baba Jesus, na you be the correct baba, with you nothing dey happen.

Jesus said to him.

Jesus – Tuface, go thy sins are forgiven. No body holy pass. Lead the protest my son, tell Pharaoh to make life comfortable for my children or resign (let my people go).

The end !!!!

I stand with Tuface, on the 5th of February , kindly go out there and demand buhari sacks his bunch of jokers and bring in technocrats who can change the situation on ground for the better.

Occupy till he does something positive…

Enough is Enough UK loading too.

Written by Chinenye Lauretta Ufearoh ❤❤

A Learner

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