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Gbolahan Ajibose

I begin to cogitate why people committing suicide recently. This is a harbinger that depression is truly real.


For people to commit this self-criminal office, this buttresses the fact they are in a state of hopelessness.



Series of reports were recorded on how students committed suicide because of their CGPA is drowning to the level of being withdrawn from school. I know what it means when your CGPA is 1 point something out of 5.0 or 4.0.



Some students were extremely sad because their CGPA fell beyond their expectations. Some aspired to come out with First Class/Distinction, Second Class Upper/Upper Credit, Second Class Lower/Lower Credit but later fell to Third Class or Pass and this made them to be extremely sad or depressed. I know a colleague that graduated with 3.49/5.0( Second Class Lower). About 0.1 left to summersault into Second Class Upper. What a painful CGPA! Does it worth committing suicide? No



I was shocked when I heard that one OAU student committed suicide because his CGPA drastically fell below his expectation.



I think it is high time Nigerian Universities’ Guidance and Counseling Units rose to their fullest capacities and see how to engage students with abysmal academic performance. These students need to be aware that life goes beyond CGPA.



The current Labour Market is driven by #Corecompetencies# rather than #ClassOfDegree#. You posess some skills that you have not fully maximized.



I read a story of a young guy on twitter recently who finished with “pass” at University, but as at today, he has become an employer of labour. He has staff in 3 countries in the world. It is about mindset and determination not to concede defeat.



Are you there right now as an undergraduate student depressed because of your current CGPA? you have future and it doesn’t determine your future. You are who you are. Come out of that state of hopelessness because of your current CGPA and look beyond that.



What about at postgraduate level? One of my mentors told me that once I start my PhD, I would face real “psychological trauma” I said for what? he said sometimes I would wake up at midnight to perfect my research work with the hope that once I get to my supervisor he/she would just approve it, but he or she might just look at the work for some seconds and cancel the work with red ink and order me to do rework. What an unpleasant experience!



Recently, it went it went viral that a lecturer at University of Ibadan committed suicide because he had spent about 10 years studying PhD without being conferred. What a source of Depression! Many PhD students withdraw after spending many years on the way and go to our neighboring African Countries and bagged the PhD within 3 years. Currently, many PhD students are in the state of depression and we can’t afford loosing these renowned and eminent scholars. These people need counseling and guidance by different advisors.



Depression is also real at the workplace. Human Resource Practitioners, different line managers and top management should be aware of this fact. Some staff are depressed because of a lot of factors which include work-life conflict (stress), organizational politics, autocratic supervision, inability to meet up with Key Performance Indicators/Performance, career stagnation, Non increment in salary vis a vis increase in cost of living and the rest. These people need our counsel and favourable HR policies because we can’t afford loosing these people to suicidal action.

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