Demons And Sports In Nigeria

Demons And Sports In Nigeria

Oluwatosin Michael

Just as many sectors in Nigeria, it is a known fact that yet again Nigeria has underachieved in sports in the year 2016, Nigeria’s participation at the olympic games was marred by controversy, the dismal outing by Abled bodied athletes can be blamed on various sicknesses ailing the sporting sector.

Athletes lacked proper preparation; welfare packages for atheltes were non existent going into the competitions, athletes reduced to mere beggars on social media seeking funds to represent their country at the Olympics. Despite all this national embarrasments, it would be expected of a certain government whose whole essence is a war on corruption to call for a total overhaul and restructuring of the sports sector that could become a source of joy for the nation.

If these situations were to occur in some countries, a detailed response to solve the issues bewildering the sports industry would be embarked upon, rather we have these demons still left to be in charge of our sports administration going into the new year, sports can be a tool for development, employment among many issues affecting the Nigerian economy, rather the government of the day choose to tackle the parasites obstructing the development of sports in Nigeria with a grain of salt.

Some could say that 2016 was a fruitful year, an instance would be the super paralympians who made the country proud, but to correct that notion, whatever these athletes may have achieved they did with little preparations and support compared to what is expected, football is a religion in Nigeria, but it would be reaping the ills of improper preparation this year, starting with the national team the super eagles which would not be participating at the African cup of nations, how super are they? a little further in the year both youth football teams the under 20 and under 17 have both failed to qualify for their world cups respectively, how are the falcons supposed to play qualifications matches when they have been treated as refugees seeking shelter for making their country at the womens nation cup.

Nigeria has a youthful population, which has the potential to excel at sports, not just football we require sports administrators with vision, who know what to do, and how to do what they want to do, sports can become a source of joy for Nigerians but certainly not with the parasites that are the helm of sports administration in Nigeria, expect more of the same from these demons in the new year.


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  • Ms_Ennoid , January 10, 2017 @ 5:53 pm

    Interesting read

  • To'fa , January 11, 2017 @ 1:02 am

    Good job bro … really great perspective

  • josh , January 11, 2017 @ 9:47 am

    good one boss…more this year?

  • Baba Ubuntu , January 17, 2017 @ 2:11 pm

    Indeed the daemon determined to thwart all sporting efforts in Nigeria must be tamed by outright removal. Nice.

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