Delta wins 5th National Youth Games as Lagos emerges second

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Edwin Eriye

Delta State, on Monday, emerged first, with Lagos second in the 5th National Youth Games held in Ilorin.

Blackbox Nigeria gathered that Team Delta, who had hauled 41 gold, 32, silver, and 31 bronze, all summing to 104 have won the title for the fifth time since inception of the game in 2013.

Lagos state however placed second on the medal’s table, with 22 gold, 36 silver, and 31 bronze, all summing to 72 medals.

Bayelsa who placed third on the medal’s table, hauled 17 gold, 6 silver, 22 bronze, all summing to 45.

Akwa-Ibom, with the fourth position had 16 gold, 12 silver, 13 bronze all summing to 41.

Edo placed fifth on the medal’s table with; 13 gold,7 silver and 10 bronze summing to 30.

Ogun State placed sixth with 9 gold medals, 6 silver medals and 17 bronze medals all summing to 32.

Other contesting states had the following totals;

Ondo-27; oyo-37; FCT-25; Plateau-16; Osun-15; Kaduna-9; Kwara-22; Abia-13; Anambra-14; Ekiti-11; Borno- 20; Rivers- 7; Kogi- 7; Imo-10; Kano-6; Yobe-4; Bauchi-6; Enugu-2; Jigawa-2; Sokoto-1; Ebonyi-2; Niger-4; Nasarawa-1; Gombe-3; Kastina-1; Taraba-1; Adamawa- 0; Kebbi-0.

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