Coup: ECOWAS Sets One-Week Deadline for Junta to Transfer Power in Niger

Coup: ECOWAS Sets One-Week Deadline for Junta to Transfer Power in Niger

Fawaz Adebisi 

In response to the recent military coup in Niger, the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS has given General Abdourahamane Tiani, the new head of state, a one-week ultimatum to cede power.

Also, ECOWAS has implemented a no-flight zone over the country.

This decision was made during an urgent meeting held on Sunday, in response to the escalating tension caused by the military actors attempting to seize power in Niger.

It was gathered that this decisive action by ECOWAS aims to counter the junta’s recent rise, which has sparked significant unrest and poses a threat to regional stability.

The leadership of ECOWAS believes that the imposition of a no-flight zone will limit the junta’s influence and hinder potential allies from providing aerial support.

Nevertheless, the leaders of the military coup fear that ECOWAS might intervene militarily in the capital of the Sahel country.

In addition to the no-flight zone, ECOWAS has agreed to impose immediate financial sanctions on the coup leaders and has granted the junta one week to relinquish power.

The regional body reminded that it hasn’t ruled out the possibility of using force if deemed necessary.

Recalling events from a previous Friday, individuals in military fatigues claimed to have taken control of Niger after seizing President Mohamed Bazoum, an act that garnered international condemnation and renewed uncertainty in the region, which has a history of coups and militant extremism.

In a video message, General Abdramane, surrounded by apparent soldiers, had cited the deteriorating security situation and “poor economic and social governance” in the country as reasons for their decision to put an end to the existing regime.


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