Concerned Ikorodu Resident Writes On How Baddoo Operate As Group Strikes Again

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A concerned resident of Ikorodu Local Government Area has taken to the social media to complain about the continuous activities of the deadly Badoo group after the evil cult carried out an attack in the community again.

According to the writer, nothing visible is being done by the security apparatus of the State which have since strengthen the occultic group continue its act.

Jungle Justice! Four Killed In Ikorodu After Being Mistaken For Baddoo
It was gathered that the group attacked a family of 5 earlier this week, killing four of its victims and leaving one, a female behind.

It was gathered that the group, which usually make use of easily found objects in the houses of its victims used a mortal in crushing the family members to death.

It was also gathered that the girl which was left behind had a black piece of cloth tied to her head.

Ikorodu Killings: Baddoo Strikes Again, Kills Entire Family In Isiwu Town

Just as the resident stated that it is some how difficult for residents to identify members of the cult group simply because they hardly go around with weapons, he warned that all should be vigilant and call attention of wanderers to appropriate authorities.

See his full post below…


A reliable source told us that The Notorious, Nefarious and Deadly BADOO Gang has strike again.

This time, they hit a family of Five around Letter N Junction, Radio Area of Erunwen, Ikorodu, killing Four of them and leaving one unconscious.
The Husband, Pregnant Wife, Two Children (5 and 10 Years) were killed with a Kitchen Mortar.

A kitchen Mortar is a device used to prepare ingredients or substances by crushing and grinding them.

The unconscious daughter, an SS-3 Student was found naked and has a black cloth tied around her head.

It is shocking and it saddens to see that Baddo Gang hasn’t been neutralised.

What happens in a community where constituted authorities cannot provide security of lives and properties?

What is the function of the Ikorodu Police Departments when they cannot give us peace of minds?

What is the essence of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad patrolling Ikorodu 24/7 looking for only Yahoo-Boys up and down?

Lagos CP Goes On Cursing Spree, Lay Curses On DPOs, Erring Officers Including SARS

And where are the Ikorodu Youths, that are suppose to take the Badoo Issue as their priorities, talk about it on social media everytime, forward the news to the Lagos state government’s platforms, stand up against this negligible acts, they are nowhere to be found.
Instead, they are busy carrying posters of politicians on their heads, politicians / leaders that are responsible for all this suffering in the first place.

Kudos to the Vigilante Group of Ikorodu, they have been awesome, but they cannot do it all, they don’t have the resources, we need to re-orientate and equip them.

Note:The Badoo Gang usually look for easy access, they look for houses without burglary proofs.
Homes that are incomplete, areas where there are few houses, that even when victims scream for help when in distress, they get none.

Although, research has proven it that it hasn’t been easy identifying and detecting the notorious gang, because they don’t carry weapons on them when walking, they depend and uses weapons, sharp objects, and equipment that can hurt to do their damages.

Always challenge and report any suspicious person(s) / activities around your environment to your Landlord or Community Development Association (CDA), then they can report to the necessary authorities.

If you notice any stranger(s) parading around your house / area, call on your neighbors, approach them politely, ask questions, then call on elderly ones, landlord or Cda Representatives to intervene and hinder necessary actions.

We use this opportunity to call on our Community, Religious and Political Leaders to neutralise this ugly situation as soon as possible.

Also we are calling on the Ikorodu indigenous / Ambassadors all over the world, Muslim Community, Christian Associations,Traditional Worshippers, Market Men, Women and all Mothers in Ikorodu.

Stand up now, remember POSTERITY is watching you all!

Concerned Resident of Ikorodu

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