Comedian Real Warri Pikin Reveals Struggle, Decision to Undergo Weight Loss Surgery

Comedian Real Warri Pikin Reveals Struggle, Decision to Undergo Weight Loss Surgery

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Popular comedian Anita Asuoha, better known as Real Warri Pikin, has opened up about her weight loss journey and the challenging decision to undergo surgery.

The comedic personality, known for her hilarious skits and vibrant presence, took to YouTube to share her transformative experience with her fans.

Real Warri Pikin shared that her weight loss journey was a result of concerns raised by her husband, Ikechukwu, regarding her health.

Despite her previous attempts at conventional methods such as intense workout sessions and proper nutrition, she found herself struggling to achieve the desired results.

“Eye go dey turn me because I no fit chop wetin I suppose to chop,” she recalled.

In January 2023, after much contemplation and emotional turmoil, Real Warri Pikin revealed that she finally made the courageous decision to undergo weight loss surgery.

The choice was not easy, as she described the internal struggle of wanting to achieve her goals naturally while recognizing the support of those around her who had already made up their minds.

Real Warri Pikin’s husband played a pivotal role in encouraging her to take this step towards better health.

She shared,

“So na Ikechukwu now dey tell me say I must do a weight loss surgery because he does not want to lose me.”

The decision marked a turning point in her journey, and she described it as the most difficult choice she had ever made.

The comedienne’s openness about her experience resonated with many of her fans, as she shed light on the emotional and psychological aspects of weight loss.

Her journey emphasizes the importance of both physical and mental well-being, and how the support of loved ones can make a significant impact.

Real Warri Pikin’s decision to share her story serves as a source of inspiration and empowerment for others who may be facing similar challenges in their health journeys. 


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