The Clean Energy Revolution: A Clarion Call On African Leaders

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The Clean Energy Revolution: A Clarion Call On African Leaders.

Just as a plague ravages victim communities, fossil fuels have degraded the African environment. Over the years, Nigerian and of course African societies have been victims of environmental hazards; which were largely birth by activities in the fossil fuel industry. As a result of this, rivers have been contaminated. Farm produce have been rendered useless with promising people exposed to conditions damaging to their health.

Premised around this unfortunate occurrence, it becomes much imperative to think outside the box with a view to bring on board new practical and effective solutions. This solution is the transition from the fossil fuel dependency to the clean energy revolution. For clarity purposes, renewable or clean energy is energy that is collected from renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, and rain.

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Fundamentally, Africa is a region filled with so many albeit untapped potentials. For instance, wind is one of the greatest sources of natural energy. It is free and it’s available day and night for the production of economical power and electricity. However, it is just one of the numerous neglected clean energy potentials. In Nigeria where I hail from, states in the northern region such as Kano and Jigawa are veritable sources of wind. Similarly, in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, annual rainfall totals vary from 2400 to over 4000 millimeters – which no doubt suffice to kick start a clean energy project.

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With fertile lands, great rainfall, enviable natural resources, industrious and intelligent people – Nigeria and Africa as a whole has no reason to suffer environmental degradation. In fact, Africa should be at the driving seat of clean energy – if it properly harness all its resources. Actions are needed to achieve results. In achieving these results, there is a need for efforts aimed at increasing the consciousness of the average individual to be on top gear; as individual habits make up societal values . More Importantly, government at all levels must increase its interest and commitment to clean energy. Hithertho paltry budgetary allocations should be made more ambitious and goal driven.

The African Union alongside all regional and local agencies must rise to the occasion by providing the necessary leadership and drive. No development is sustainable in a degraded environment. Thus, the need for urgent action. Enough of the dilly-dallies, the time to act is now. We deserve a better world, a healthy environment, not only for ourselves but for posterity as well. Let’s all act now!


Pelumi Olugbenga is a Hesselbein Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh, PA United States and an undergraduate student at the Lagos State University, Nigeria and writes via


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