ChroniclesOfTheOtherRoom: Buhari Medical Excursion, Finger-licking In BBNaija And The Whistle Blowing Program

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One is a single mother, the other is “happily married” with kids but there is a video of them making out on international TV…but what is my ‘consign’, our President is still on medical pilgrimage abroad.

Dollar is now 510 and AMCON is taking over the aviation industry so why should I bother about some hapless adults committing adultery.

Today I have a new job, I am now officially a Whistle Blower of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Well don’t blame me. One successful assignment can change my life and that of my family for eternity.

So henceforth, kindly call my attention to freshly constructed septic tanks, just halla at your boy. I mean soakaways that were constructed in the last five years but has no flow of shit as should have been the case.

Abeg you can also inform me about secretive awkward buildings around your neighborhood which doesn’t really have inhabitants but this big man comes in a black jeep once or twice a month and leaves without the large duffel, sorry Ghana must go bag he came with.

At the moment, we are also accepting donations for a trip to London not to visit the Queen but our able President who has taken up residence there.

Please you can also give us cloths and provisions to give to the bubu so we can finally shut the mouth of those saying our President has been wearing the same jalabia for 24 months.

Kayode Badmus writes from Lagos and tweets via @kblings_badmus

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