CHEATING: a Natural Phenomenon for Men?

Ayomide Afolabi 
   I happen to stumble on some men conversing recently and i was shocked at what i heard them saying. They were boldly talking about how 99% of men can’t stay loyal to a woman. They were actually using biblical examples; great men like Solomon, David and even Abraham. So,i decided to ask them a question. “How would you feel if you were being cheated on?” Their response was that when a woman cheats, she has either stopped loving her partner or she is a ‘KEPT WOMAN’. But, when a man cheats, he definitely still love his supposed ‘QUEEN’ ( the main girlfriend) and he’s just keeping the other ladies as ‘side chicks’. Who developed that kind of theory? A woman who sleeps around is considered shameful but a man who sleeps around is given THE MEDAL?                                                           Our society is actually a patriarchal one, where if a woman does what men naturally do,it is considered immoral. How could cheating be a man’s nature? For any individual to cheat on their partners, it is a total disrespect, disregard and betrayal to the other party. Then why should it be considered natural?

   Nowadays, most men now cheat shamelessly because the society completely has doubled standards in this regard. In the sense that men can now publicly boast of having several partners but women are shamed for the same reasons. It annoys me whenever i hear people say ‘A man would always be a man, that’s how they’re structured.’ And that’s not how women are structured?
According to Dr Shaun Whittaker, a local psychologist ‘Behavior is not natural or genetically determined, it has to do with the gender roles that people are being socialised into’. The patriarchal role given to men had made them believe they could do anything and go completely free because they are considered ‘The head’. This actually perpetuate the unfairness in a relationship as a man’s need is placed over a woman.
   On the one hand, cheating should actually be a woman nature because a woman can get a man anytime she wants and if she wants to have sex.There is always a probability of having two or more men breathing down her neck. On the other hand, the men always  have to work for it.In the sense that,they mostly pursue while the women are being pursued. That being said, cheating is not natural for anyone but just a mind set to do so.
   To round this off, it is important to know that men are more promiscuous than  women, but that doesn’t mean we should buy the cultural/societal fallacy that men are programmed to cheat. It is quite an  absurd theory, because cheating shouldn’t be a nature.

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