I Am Calling Mr. Bayo Oteju For His Birthday By Sulaimon Mojeed-Sanni

I Am Calling Mr. Bayo Oteju For His Birthday By Sulaimon Mojeed-Sanni


Hello Mr. B,

Maybe by definition I might be wrong by calling a write up a phone call,  but I see this as a means of connecting the dots of my engagements with Mr. Bayo Oteju.

Today marks a new day in Mr. Bayo’s life but in the real sense nothing is new, every day to be marked is just a reenactment of what one has always been. What is really new at the turn of a birthday is the number of lives torched in the space of every celebration. So for Mr. B, I might arguably be part of his new year because  in the last two years, we have worked closely  together and deliver on neck breaking deadlines. Believably so, he is often constrained to manage my under pressure outburst which he has been able to do with a plus.

One of my Brothers once said he does not like seeing my calls because it often signals a demand or something that demands immediate action.  Same way I don’t like seeing some people’s call because it alters everything you are doing,  Mr. B’s calls falls in that category, his calls often signals immediate action for himself or the Boss.

But it is not his call that gets you to action rather the way he goes about it. He makes you feel important and the best person to deliver the job. Even when he has heightened reservations on your capabilities, he does not show it in his call. Mr. B is a goal-getter and result oriented personality , he does not see obstacles only results. “Don’t tell me the problems, tell me how we are solving it”,  is a line I have come to learn from him.

These days, when he starts stating an issue, my impulse starts thinking from the problem solving end, he is our Mr. Productivity! After all,  there is the believe you become the kind of people you spend most times around.

And he does know how to appreciate a well delivered job, like him or loathe him, you can be sure of getting your, “awesome, great job, weldone” from him. He is also generous to a fault except when he does not have.

With wise spontaneous nuggets which seems unending in his bag of experience, Pastor B guides you in the line of business and starting out well. His financial intelligence is at par with modern times, to him, it is either you invest or perish. Least, I forget Mr. B is a fantastic fashionista, every piece is worn with eye catching panache. When you meet him on the walkway, you just fall in love with his choice of clothing every time.

Though, you might not count or remember every advice given,  I have a reservoir of them waiting on the days to dish it out with accurate dexterity.

So, on this day, I say happy birthday to you for looking beyond my flaws and mentoring me like a blood brother. Sir, let me shock you, you are great! Happy Birthday Sir Bayo Oteju, in Honourable Babajimi Benson’s voice, “AbdulGaniu“… **Picks race**

A Learner

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