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Britain’s royal couple, Harry and Meghan, sue photographer over pictures of their son

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have filed a lawsuit in California, against an unnamed photographer for taking ‘illegal’ drone pictures of their son, Archie.

The lawsuit, filed yesterday, alleges ‘serial intrusions’ into the privacy of 14-month-old Archie.

The couple said their action is to protect Archie from a ‘manufactured feeding frenzy’. They claimed the paparazzi had flown helicopters over their home and cut holes in a fence to take pictures.

They also accused photographers of putting misleading captions on pictures of Archie in the back garden in order to suggest they were taken in a public place.

The Duke and Duchess noted that they have no issue being followed when they go out in public, they however stated that certain paparazzi and enablers take this to the extreme.

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