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BREAKING! Seun Egbegbe Arrested AGAIN While Trying To Steal N10M (VIDEO)

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A leopard never changes its spots as the saying goes and this appear to be the case of controversial Lagos socialite, Seun Egbegbe.

Barely two months after he was nabbed while attempting to steal iPhones worth millions at the popularly Computer Village in Ikeja, Seun has again been arrested in similar circumstances.

BlackBox just got hinted that the lanky criminal earlier today got apprehended while trying to rip off an unsuspecting Malam of Ten Million Naira.

Seun Egbegbe BBN learnt posed as a Medical Doctor and was on the verge of duping the Mallam of the whooping cash when he was nabbed.

Below is a short video showing how the Police whisked him away.

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