Boss Dumps Driver After Taking His Kidney, Breaks Promises Of Reward

Boss Dumps Driver After Taking His Kidney, Breaks Promises Of Reward

Fawaz Adebisi 

Chimobi Nwoko, a driver, has been left in a state of regret and pain after his boss, Akazue, tricked him into donating one of his kidneys to his brother, Osinachi, and failed to keep his promises of reward.

It was gathered that Nwoko was employed by Akazue in November 2018 and was driving his brother, who had a kidney problem, to the hospital for dialysis.

Akazue later approached Nwoko and asked him if he would be willing to donate one of his kidneys to his brother in exchange for $20m, a house and a job in America.

Nwoko agreed to the offer and underwent a kidney transplant surgery on December 22, 2018 at a reputable hospital in Lagos State.

He said Akazue brought his sister, Deborah, to pose as his wife and sign the consent form at the hospital.

He also said Akazue warned him not to tell anyone about the transplant.

However, after the surgery, Nwoko said he was abandoned by Akazue and his family.

He said he was moved to a one-room apartment in Mowe and was forced to resume work one week after the surgery despite still recovering.

He said he ran out of drugs and had not received any medical attention since then. He also said he felt tired and weak all the time.

Nwoko said he did not receive any of the promised rewards from Akazue.

He said whenever he asked him about it, he would tell him not to worry and that he was still in his mind.

He said he realised he had been deceived and informed his parents about his ordeal on October 13, 2023.

Nwoko’s family reported the matter to the Zone 2 Command of the Nigeria Police Force, where Akazue was arrested on Sunday, October 22.

Nwoko’s lawyer, Abdullai Dania, described the case as organ theft and demanded N500m as compensation from Akazue.

He also said they would pursue legal action against him while the criminal aspect would go on.

When questioned by the police, Akazue refused to disclose the whereabouts of his brother, Osinachi, who had received Nwoko’s kidney. He told them to go and look for him themselves.

The spokesperson of the Zone 2 Command, Hauwa Idris-Adamu, confirmed the arrest of Akazue but did not give further details as of the time of filing this report.


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